Simpler Spaces - Professional Organizing for Your Home
Nancy has worked with me for years.  She takes enough time to understand each project: my situation, my goals, and the resources I have (including my schedule and stamina) for getting from here to there in the best way.  She then provides astute, non-formula guidance; and she pitches in and makes certain the work gets done.  She has great initiative; plus she's knowledgeable, intelligent, trustworthy, compassionate and has a marvelous sense of humor.  Without Nancy, I would have thrown in the towel on numerous occasions.
Karen K.
Nancy has created peace in a chaotic world.  She is easy to work with, and magical in her results.
Jamie L.
I have struggled for years with organizing my business expenses for the tax deadline.  I'm in practice for myself and my situation is very complicated.  Nancy jumped in and helped me - quickly, efficiently and graciously.  She produced a series of Excel spreadsheets that allowed me to provide all the necessary information to my accountant.  I filed my taxes on April 15th for the first time in 20 years!  I would highly recommend Nancy.  Not only is she skilled and organized, but she has a delightful sense of humor.  I look forward to working with her for years to come.
Karen W.
Nancy has helped me with everything from a simple closet or kitchen cupboard clean-out to overhauling entire rooms.  It's not just the assistance, which is very motivating in itself.  It's that Nancy has an eye for the purpose of one's possessions and how they should be stored to ease access and minimize clutter.  When she's coming on a Saturday morning, I jump out of bed and say "Nancy's coming!" and do a little tidying before she even arrives.  Since I started using Nancy's services, every time I pay my mortgage, I feel like I'm getting to enjoy more of my house each month.
Beth L .
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